Wednesday, August 19, 2009


The destitute you will have with you.
Always.  Well thanks a lot God for that.
I can never wholly enjoy a thing.  I love
my paved streets and well-stocked
library, my favorite shirts and my four
or five pairs of shoes.  How can I ask You
for the slightest thing without remembering
the poor, the sick, the shut in?  My
prayers must sound like the feeble
whinings of the wealthy
compared to those that have less.
My health is a constant reminder to me
that some pass more painfully on this earth
than others.  My heart that loves and empathizes
beats with sadness admidst the joy of living
and I cannot stop dancing to that syncopated beat.  My
life passes with an apathy to gladness.  Being mindful
of others is not a good thing for people like me, 
if  there are people like me.

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