Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Being Good

Just You try going around being good all
day for close to fifty years.   You can’t imagine
the strain, given that no one cares but you.
Be faithful every livelong married day.  No sexual
diseases as long as hubby doesn’t stray
and toilets are properly disinfected.  No
morals to real stories, no tidy endings to
the theories, no tearless sending off to homes
safe and well-lit. 
You try.  Guide yourself down natural pathways
avoid neon lights crackling like bug zappers,
wear blinders like high fashion,
keep the bad words in a dresser, then move
away without it.  For a change, You
find the best in everyone, refrain from jokes
at the expense of others, esteem mothers
and grandmothers, draw
strength from innocence,  take
the high road and keep
your peace.  No, really, YOU TRY.  Know
there are few who value values.  When
you go around being good, almost 
everyone is expectant for your freak show
to begin, shock waits behind
the disinterest in their eyes.
Don’t break hearts, yours won’t be broken, 
is a lie, that Cracker Jack token prize.