Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Morning Glory (for Nate)

Rise and shine

Morning glory!

The sun is waiting to see your open eyes—

Full of life and love.

Rise and shine Morning Glory!

The night has been rolled up and put away like a great black blanket. 

Put your small feet on the floor and together we will walk into the new day. 

Outside the birds and butterflies wait for you to see them. 

Cardinals flash red calling softly,

 Monarchs flash black and orange,quietly waving to you. 

Smell the brown toast, the blue flame of the stove,

The black coffee brewing.  See the white milk pouring,

Red and yellow apples waiting to be your mid-morning snack.

My little morning glory,

My little flower opening

At  the day’s first light.  My breakfast table friend

My favorite way to start the day.  One day

You will remember our mornings when you wake

Your own Morning Glory up,

Eyes full of life and love.  You will always

Be my Morning Glory.