Sunday, December 9, 2012

after e e cummings in progress....

Dec. 4th


i was calling out   comfort
yellows warm and dry   once
the comfort of  only i
you sowing   reaping stones and

i was   while passing out pillows
weary among the in-depth of
between your throwing

i was assured of  wreckage
weeping and sweeping glass houses
in front of strangers of broken
i was    gathering dinner swallowing rocks

Dec. 5th

of children

handsome however you grow
to love you is to know

    you of the once small
 hands  outgrowing   all

my ideals lost on maps of
napkin and drawn of

sticks in sand wave-washed
out-tide rushed

your new faces blushed and youthful sketches
of my  thoughts like  twining rosy vetches

i am clinging   salt-soaked seaside
love-draped   nodding tide

of mother


  1. Susie, these are really powerful, and quite successful, I think, in the vein of e e. The imagery is beautiful!

    I particularly like and think it's very strong when you say, "i was assured of wreckage weeping and sweeping glass houses" and then when you speak of swallowing rocks (I think of broken glass houses, going on, serving dinner as if nothing is wrong, choking on what's left of the fragile home)

    In the second poem, I love "of the once small hands outgrowing all my ideals..."

    "twining rosy vetches" and "I am clinging...nodding tide...of mother"

    My goodness these are so lovely! I want to post them everywhere!

  2. Lovely, painful, revealing, sad, deep...I must add!