Friday, May 4, 2012


at first you're licking your brother's wounds
the sympathy comes out in long strokes
but you're really licking your own, we're all cut the same,
bruised; sympathy becomes empathy--
we're all made from the same material, cut from
the same cloth, knit from the same dna
aren't we, really,
one sad story, one more fable, one more morality play
some write, some read, some eat the lesson
eat the words   they are flesh,
drink the meaning  to wash it all down
thought and deed     consequence and jackpot
rhythmically licking the ache and need.

And so there are no misunderstandings:
Carnal  (Middle English, from Anglo-French or Late Latin; Anglo-French carnel, charnel, from Late Latin carnalis, from Latin carn-, caro flesh; akin to Greek keirein to cut — more at shear
First Known Use: 14th century  Related to CARNAL Synonyms: earthly, earthborn, earthbound, fleshly, material, mundane, sublunary, temporal, terrene, terrestrial, worldly; a missionary who tends to the carnal needs of the people as well as to their spiritual concerns.

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