Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Sunshine and gratitude

I am grateful for the sun today. Also for the good coffee and Charlie, the dog sleeping nearest me. Making plans to work outdoors, in the back yard.

Now an impromptu poem to keep the momentum going as I attempt a poem a day:

The Night

Night descended like a bird, broad sweep
of black feathers following me
into dreams, companion to my sleep.
Stars collected across the sky
like Sentinels with a watch to keep
on their way around the world.

I was aware of its dispassionate eye
observing my tremulous slumber.
I felt it lifting, with no caw or cry,
toward the dawn, shaking off the dew and
I followed. No matter how I try,
this morning there is void where once was dream.

Collected into some deep place,
with other dreams, my  slip
into the pysche's song is gone. The space
where last night lived a thought, color and voice,
there is an image; a feathered sharp-billed face,
then black cloak of lifting to the sky.

Okay, not necessarily a good poem, but.....

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